2010 Miss Friendship, Chantel Lee


For years I wanted to be the radiant girls in traditional Chinese dress sitting atop of the floats, gliding slowly down the street in Chinatown during the Chinese New Years parade. Their crowns glittered in the sunlight and they had the most perfect smiles. They waved like royalty and all I wished was to be them, thinking that all they had to do was look beautiful. Now that I've had the privilege of joining this sisterhood I realize it's not just looking like perfection and smiling at cameras. To be a part of the Los Angeles Chinatown court is a commitment and takes dedication to fulfill the duties that come with being the ambassadors of Chinatown.

ver the past couple months I have immensely enjoyed every event, but there have been a few favorites that stand out in my memory. The Chinese New Year's parade was surreal. It was my first event and it simply made me so happy to watch the children sitting on the sidewalk, wave and look up at us adoringly. For the first time it felt like I was able to be the role model for young girls that I have always wanted to be. I found that to be a success because that was a reason why I tried out for Miss Los Angeles Chinatown. Another event that I enjoyed was the Nisei Week parade held in Little Tokyo. It was so refreshing to be a part of another culture. I was lucky enough to see the traditional Japanese kimonos and this year's Nisei Week court. During that event I learned how their pageants are held and the different values that are wanted in Japanese tradition. Overall it has been a pleasure attending events and getting to know the girls of this year’s court. I am eager to see what other joys this year may bring.