2010 Queen, Jani Wang


Los Angeles Chinatown was the very first Chinatown establishment in the United States. Despite residing 15 miles away for the past 4 years, I still had never wandered through Hill Street or Broadway to explore this historical landmark, until this year. Chinatown is a place that preserves and showcases Chinese culture, and personally, opened my eyes to a community beyond what I had known. One of the highlights of this year was our trip to China. Our first location, Beijing, was an educational and inspirational stop that demonstrated the glory of China’s past and present. We trekked up the Great Wall (which contains over 2000 years of history), and visited the pride of the 2008 Olympics – the Bird’s Nest Stadium.

lthough I was born in China, I had never had the opportunity to return and experience the rich history and truly appreciate how much my home country has accomplished.As a graduating college student, I gave myself the goal of accomplishing something both memorable and impactful. Having the honor of being Miss Los Angeles Chinatown 2010 has given me an amazing opportunity to do just that. I have been able to expand my network from beyond just the college circle to meet much more of the Los Angeles Asian-American community, as well as influential figures in politics, entertainment, and business. More importantly, I’ve been able to act as a goodwill ambassador alongside my court to serve the community and also enrich my understanding of my own culture.