2010 First Princess, Janice Jann


I can’t believe it’s already been half a year since I was crowned 2010 Miss LA Chinatown First Princess. Since coronation night, my life has been packed with events and functions, charity dinners and special appearances. Though every function I have attended has been eye-opening and special to my heart, a few stick out. Our summer trip to China would definitely have to count as being the highlight of my reign thus far. Being able to see the metropolitan cities like Beijing and Shanghai but also living the simple life in Deng Feng has opened my eyes to how colorful, cultured, and expansive my ancestors’ home land is.

was very proud to be traveling alongside the other girls and being able to represent my Chinese ethnicity alongside my US nationality. To be able to learn about China’s history and reflect on just how far the country has come and how far it will continue to go.

ut besides the trip, I’ve also enjoyed attending all the local community events we have had around the Los Angeles area. Being able to take part in the community and just seeing how much Asian Americans support each other in causes as diverse as going from The American Cancer Society Run/Walk to the Chinese American Museum Lantern Festival has really made me proud of being Chinese American and dispelling any notions that we are an apathetic bunch. If only more people could see how many individuals in the community really do care about each other and about causes near and dear to our hearts! I remember attending the celebration banquet of one group, China Cares. This group was filled with families who have adopted children from China. Getting to spend time with the little girls all who were starry-eyed at these tall ladies in tiaras because after all, what little girl didn’t want to be a princess growing up. This really made me feel like my role as a goodwill ambassador to the Chinese American community was shining through. I hope that we will be just as impactful on the events coming up for the rest of the year!