2010 Third Princess, Nebula Gu


Since being crowned the 2010 Miss Los Angeles Chinatown 3rd Princess, I have had the pleasure of taking part in many new experiences. So far this year, we've attended numerous events as goodwill ambassadors, from attending the East West Players Visionary Dinner to riding on a Nisei Week Parade float. None, however, was more exciting or rewarding than our recent trip to China. From learning authentic Kung Fu birthed in the mountains of Henan to entering the Olympic Stadium at the Bird’s Nest in Beijing, China is a true blend of the old and the new. It is amazing to see how the nation has evolved and changed through the years, yet still maintaining the heritage of being one of the oldest cultures in the world.

was truly able to admire and appreciate how China has perfected this balance, and embrace my cultural identity in the process. During our trip, there was no city that I looked more forward to visiting than Shanghai. Since I had family in Shanghai, I was, in a way, returning to my roots. The few days we had in the city went by quickly. The four of us spent the first day on our own – visiting family, shopping, walking down the beautiful streets, or simply resting. In the evening, we went on the Wang Pu Jiang River Cruise, which showcased the beautiful sights of the Shanghai bay. The second day was spent at the World Expo, where we visited the China National Pavilion, USA Pavilion, Coca-Cola Pavilion, and the China Mobile/China Telecom Pavilion. As special guests, we fortunately did not have to wait in the long lines and were given a tour of the pavilions, each of which had their own inspirational film. We especially enjoyed the Coca-Cola pavilion, where an assortment of candy and beverages were available to us, including a newly developed plant-based bottle that we marveled at. In the evening, we attended a presentation highlighting the fashion and culture of 1930s Shanghai. While watching, we dined with two representatives of the Shanghai Police force and enjoyed authentic (and delicious) Shanghai cuisine. Indeed, this was a trip that will forever be memorable. It was an honor to represent the Los Angeles Chinese-American community in various cities of China. I look forward to the rest of my reign here in Los Angeles and celebrating the unique and amazing community that I am so thankful to be a part of.