2013 Third Princess, Annie Wong


Born in Los Angeles Chinatown, Annie later grew up in Diamond Bar, California. Moved by the sacrifices her immigrant parents made in order to give her and her sister a better life, she strived to succeed in all her endeavors. Annie graduated from UCSD with a major in International Relations. Her scholastic achievements not only put Annie on the Honor List but also allowed her to receive her Bachelor's Degree in three years. While in college, Annie started and continues to manage a cosmetics distribution company. Following college, Annie graduated from Southwestern Law School's prestigious 2-year accelerated SCALE J.D. Honors program in May 2012. Recently Annie has passed the California State Bar Examination. She is now an Associate of the Taschner Law Firm, practicing international law and serving as legal counsel for an international pharmaceutical company. In her free time, Annie enjoys dancing, playing piano, and being with her family.