2013 Second Princess, Christina Yang


Christina graduated from UC San Diego in 2010 earning her Bachelor's Degree with dual concentration in Mathematics and Economics and is currently involved in Healthcare Finance. She believes in open-mindness that we're not created to do everything, but we may not know our potential until we try different things. During her free time, she enjoys playing and watching sports, exploring new places to eat, networking, and managing her savings so that she can someday retire early to spend more time with friends and family and to travel and explore the world!

She feels strong and grateful for her Chinese heritage and her ancestors. The gift of legacy is evident when you value and consider it as a gift passed on to the next generation of your family. Being one of the first ABC in her family, it is knowing the sacrifice that her family made and the struggles with poverty, that she is truly able to appreciate the family, friends, and life that she is blessed with today.