2017 Queen & Miss Photogenic, Angela Liu


Angela Liu was born in China and immigrated with her family to Los Angeles at the age of 6. A recent high school graduate, she is currently completing her general education as a full time student while pursuing her passion for hotel and business management by working at the Sheraton Hotel. It is the value in independence and perseverance that gives her the stamina to wake up at odd hours, often 3am, to work 30-40 hours weekly. She has a passion for animal rescue and sheltering, and at only 18 years old she has actively volunteered in animal shelters for 6 years, earning her a spot as a Board Member of the nonprofit organization, Homeless for Forever Foundation. She hopes to become a successful business woman, philanthropist, someone her parents would be proud of, and a role model. In her free time she enjoys the arts, painting and drawing, indulging in exotic foods, and hanging out with her cats. As a first generation Chinese American, she understands the importance of valuing both cultures, driving her dream of becoming an ambassador for the LA Chinese American community in both business and charity.