2017 Second Princess, Sabrina Kaing


Born and raised in Alhambra, the last stop on her parents' harrowing journey from war-torn Cambodia to a land of peace and polla asada fries, Sabrina Kaing is the youngest of three children and still trying to achieve all the hopes and dreams that carried her family from afar. She graduated from UC San Diego with a degree in International Studies: Economics, Communications, and Chinese studies which, in addition to reinforcing how terrible she was at math, added perspective to the stories she had heard growing up, but both from her parents and from the people she had met while traveling the world with them. But it was those stories that impacted Sabrina most, connecting her with her roots and a constant reminder that the bigger (global) picture is still a mosaic of individuals and communities that also need to thrive. Sabrina yearns to be the ambassador for one such community here at home, Chinatown, to better understand how to become one for the larger Chinese-American community - most especially its women in the professional workplace. In her spare time, Sabrina loves rock climbing, drinking tea, contemplating whether she is too old to start figure skating again and listening to the rain. Her deepest shame is not knowing how to swim. In California. Working right next to the ocean.