2015 Queen, Alice Wong


Alice Wong is a recent UCLA graduate, ambidextrous and a lifelong science and animal enthusiast. She was raised in Chinatown and Carson, but all of Southern California is her home and playground. Growing up as a minority in an already minority community was a unique experience for Alice. As the singular Chinese student among her peers, she cultivated a deep understanding for many cultures ranging from Hawaiian, African-AMericans, Vietnamnese, Filipinos to Latin-Americans. Being a first-generation American raised in a traditional Chinese household led to Alice's passions of community, family, food culture, innovation and loyalty.

Alice also loves travel, leading her to eight European countries and throughout the U.S.. She loves being outdoors as she is lifelong athlete and an avid backpacker and hiker. She yearns to make a positive community impact as exposure to other's struggles has sparked motivation to be an ambassador for the Asian American community and to empower minority communities. Also, she has secretly always wanted to be an actress and being a wolf tamer.