2015 Miss Friendship, Tracy Jung


Tracy Connie Jung was born at Pacific Alliance Medical Center in Chinatown. She was raised in Van Nuys and then later moved to South Pasadena, where she currently resides. Tracy works as a Senior Assistant Buyer for a fashion manufacturig company in Downtown Los Angeles and is currenly studying to receive a degreee in Business Administration. She hopes to start her own business in the near future. Tracy loves exploring different parts of Los Angeles and spends her free time trying out new restaurants, activities, and social events with her family and friends. Tracy is a wanderlust who was traveled all around the world including South Korea, Singapore, France, England, Switzerland, Thailand, the Netherlands, and her parent's home country, China. She also has plans to explore more of China in order to gain a deeper understanding of her roots. She entered the Miss Los Angeles Chinatown Pageant in order to get in touch with her Chinese-American community she was born into and cherishes with all her heart.